Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forever Loved and Accepted

My current Bible Study (Limitless Life by Derwin Grey) is focused on breaking through labels and tearing them off so that we are not bound by unrealistic and untrue identities. This morning, in my conversation with God I struggled with my self-imposed label of “Not Good Enough”.  The following poem is a small reflection of that conversation, and a glimpse of how He sees me…how he sees all of us: Forever Loved and Accepted.  Just fill in your name where I have written “Patrice”!

Today I am okay
Better than okay, really
Not just in the make-shift, make-over, make-do
Kind of way
Worthy and Worthwhile and Wanted
I said in my heart,
“I wish I could love you like she does”
“Worship you like her”
And my heaven sent response?
I want you to love me like Patrice does
Love me with poetry
With thoughtful musings on my ways
Worship me with words
In your awestruck wonder at the beauty of my creation
Laud me with language
For those who have no voice
Worship me with loving-kindness shown to
The unlovable
The unseen
The untouchable
This is how you love me
This is what I want


  1. Ahhhhhh Patrice, this is fabulous! I love it! Beautiful!

  2. Patrice, this is a beautiful grace-filled peom that echoes my own heart's cry, too! Thank you for sharing it here, today!
    Missy (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)

  3. Oh this is so beautiful Patrice, thank you for these words today.

  4. That was so touching and beautiful, Patrice. A true love-letter.

  5. As usual my sweet honeyed sister, you have voiced what many of us feel and can not/will not say. It is fear that denies us our sharing of our words, no, our sharing of our thoughts. Thank you for being 4Real Trice. I love you and I admire your determination to be REAL!!!!! Love you much!!