Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th (for Joel)

Today is the 25th Birthday of my eldest son. It's been a phenomenal Journey and I think he has taught and given me as much as I have given him.  I still marvel at the blessings my sons are in my life. Motherhood called to me through Joel and his brothers...while I cherish the memories, and wonder where the time went, given a choice I'd rather spend five minutes with the man he is today than go back and hold the baby that he was.  Besides, that baby is held in my heart each and every day.
No top hat 
No wand 
No spoken incantation
With a sigh 
You arrived 
A Cool, Cool Breeze
Blowing through my life. 


  1. My handsome nephew--how blessed you are to have a wonderful, smart and loving mother! My dear little sister--how blessed you are to have such a wonderful, smart and loving son!

  2. What a sweet tribute to your handsome son! There are precious moments to be had with our adult children. My daughter is almost 21 and I completely agree with you on the 5-minutes today thought. Love the pictures, especially the last one :).