Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Last Friday the 13th there was an astronomical rarity with the appearance of a
Full "Honey Moon".  From the stories that circulated about this occurrence, a full moon falling on a Friday the 13th in June hadn't been seen since June 13, 1919.  The next one will be June 13, 2098.  It was bright. It was beautiful. It really was honey colored. And it inspired the following.

I saw the Honey Moon
Hanging there so brilliantly
And when its light shone in my eyes
It brought to mind my own Honey

Wondering if that Honey Moon 
Was shining somewhere on my sweet Honey
Since that Honey of mine
Wasn't lying next to me

They say that eyes 
hadn't seen the Honey Moon
For almost 100 years
Please tell me why then Honey Moon
Does your honey light only bring me tears

My sweet honey's far away from me
Your honey light makes that so clear
Go away now honey moon
Go and cast your light elsewhere

My honey's gone
There's only darkness
Guess that's the end 
Of this honeyed affair

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