Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Por Que (for Enrique)

He looks in my eyes
Then asks, “Why?”
Why him? Why now?
What is the fascination?
This “Why?”
On the heels of being called Beautiful
With no expectation
No promise
‘Save the companionship
Of two like minded souls
When he has opened a window
Allowed the unsullied breeze to
Drift in
And the sun
Whose rays warm those frosted
Forlorn corners
And bring light to
That which was only in shadow.
He opened the door
And gave entry to Serenades
Of passion, wit
And wonder.
Honored my lineage with song.
Is there a “Why” in these actions?
No… There is simply the compassion and comfort
Found in a true friend.
Why, in deed.

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