Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Benediction #‎movingforward

#‎movingforward‬ I have to thank all of you ladies and our praying leaders  for helping me to move forward this week. Last night I took some time and prayed for all of the people who I have given myself to in the past...trying to meet my needs and get approval from people other than God. It was a beautiful autumn evening and I took the scenic route home so I could gaze on the beauty of the colored leaves and changing scenery. I released each person, asked God to bless their lives and then RECLAIMED the many, many pieces of myself I had given away. I asked God to restore me to wholeness mind, body, heart and soul. This was the result:


It is fitting that I released you in the autumn
The season of impending death
In nature.
I wished you well and blessed your life;

Praying for light and love.
Releasing you into the hand of God.

Then I prayed for myself…

A different kind of blessing
Please oh please
Like the blooms that fade in fall
Then die...
I beseech the Almighty to
Shrink your hold on me
In much the same way;

Restore the fragments of me
To me
So that I am whole;
So that I am free.


  1. Beautiful prayer of release and renewal...and remember that after the winter comes the Spring, when new life is waiting to burst forth...I pray that God will continue to restore you, and birth in you sweet fragrances of Spring...Have a blessed day, dear sister <3 Hugs and Blessings to you, Dianna

  2. What a beautiful prayer of letting it all go and seeking strength and renewal . There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity. Winter brings forth spring, new beginnings to start afresh. God does set us free . God bless your journey #movingforward .
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader)