Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words Are The Thing

If you persist
The words will eventually come
Keep striding
They’ll spill out onto the page
Bringing Life
Unshed tears
Unearthed from your soul
Birthed as prayers
And unsung songs
Taking residence in a world
Of their own
Then they’re gone
Excised bits of marrow and bone
A necessary rending
Left undone
It becomes wrenching
Unbearable barrenness
An ardent remedy is ready:

The words are the thing


  1. As usual, you've done it again. Words are so important--how they are expressed; the feeling they leave behind; sometimes they harm, sometimes they cause pain, sadness and unbelief. Thankfully, sometimes they cause joy, happiness and sometimes they are just words!!

  2. I worked through a lifetime of words written on the page when there was no therapist to help me find my way. Either because I was poor or there was no one competent or I was just strong that way. The written word got me through as a young woman. Very well done! I love your writing.