Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The White Witch comes with
Grace and smiles
Adorned with a halo of hope
Her charms beguile
With wiles in disguise
Seeking to disarm all the while
With right hand outstretched in 
Gestures of kinship
Yet a dagger is poised in the left
Ready to excise your heart
Sever a slice of life
And make your way harsh
Her words belie her true intent
They are spells meant
To deceive
Enchanting? Yes they are
Incantations designed to mar
The mind and spirit 
To steal your peace
Be wary 
She is your enemy
Guard your thoughts well
Speak not of plans
The White Witch devises
Divisive devices
Brother from Brother
And Mother from Child
Shrink back from the spotlight
Or soon you'll learn of her guile
Center Stage is where she most thrives
Playing Martyr, Victor, Sage most wise
Oh extol her, laud her with song
Hide your faces For the White Witch comes
Her proffered professions
Fraught with oppression
Save yourself
Save your lands
From her kisses and Love declarations
All false ministrations
Run now, take cover
Sit in darkness, shun the light
For until her reign is over
The White Witch rules
A brilliant blight 

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