Wednesday, December 4, 2013


You really did have a choice you know
Standing at the crossroad of me and
I'm not one for uprooting and change
Nor do I see it like some kind of competition
There are no victories, no champions
Not in this match.

Stand on the riverbank and take hold of her hand
As wide as the river is?
Oh, well it's wider than that.
In all its muddy majesty you can't begin to see how deep it is.
Yes, it's deeper than that
And murkier too
that like the river it leads to places
But we are here on the riverbank
Solid ground.

Refute my existence
Remove the arrows pointing in my direction
Well now,
That's quite a sign isn't it?
No, please don't move lest the light fall on
my well worn road
Let it remain cast in shadows
Because that too is so

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